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Projection of cityscape on antler sculpture
traditional plains First Nations doll seated in a chair in front of a TV monitor
detail of cityscape projection on antler sculpture
installation view, red Moose antler with very small text on plinth
installation view, red Moose antler with very small text on plinth

Jude Norris
Digitized Dialects & Encoded Traditions; Hybrid Paradigms & Affirmative Transitions
May 22 – June 23, 2007

Jude Norris writes on the surface of deer antlers; in her work Braver Antler her tiny, disciplined words repeat the phrase “I am brave. ” Similarly, in The Imperfect Doll, her hand-crafted doll, carefully beaded and produced through traditional crafting methods, becomes a site for the written word: words are inscribed in looping handwriting over the surface of her dress. The doll is propped in front of a tiny television set. In Big Apple Antler, Norris projects images from New York City’s heavily text-laden urban environment - in this case a flower shop – onto the surface of an antler, associating text with image as well as the urban with the natural world.

Tatakwan (aka Jude Norris) is a multi-disciplinary Plains Cree Metis artist from Edmonton, Alberta (Plains Cree Nation territory). She studied painting & experimental sculpture in London (UK) at Middlesex University & Kensington & Chelsea AEI, as well as Integrated Media at Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, Canada.

Tatakwan has created bodies of work in a variety of media, materials, genres & styles including: physical & digital painting & collage, drawing, linocut printmaking, photography, beadwork, doll-making, performance, animation, experimental video, video installation & sculpture. Her installation & sculptural works contain a variety of physical materials & creative methods & practices.